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tv   Headline News  RT  September 14, 2013 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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cautious optimism talks on syria's chemical arsenal continue into a third day with the u.s. now reportedly saying it was. forced to make it. syrian refugee exodus as a financial terrorist threat. to open the door. and the euro crisis builds to a new crescendo as fresh missed deadlines and overwhelming debt. what little stability there is in the first place.
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good morning from moscow it's saturday. with this hour's top headlines u.s. officials say washington reportedly will not insist on a u.n. resolution threatening syria with the use of force in order to make it drop its chemical arsenal and that is the first sign of progress if that is some talks not end of the day in geneva and now the president assad is ready to join the chemical weapons convention at the u.n. secretary general says he's optimistic the next round of peace talks could take place in october. reports on what the sides have agreed upon and the issues they have not. it's been a question of will they or won't they in geneva and so far there's been no answer to that question john kerry and sergey lavrov were locked in tense negotiations throughout the day and into the night more than fifteen hours of talks took place
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and now those negotiations over how to rid syria of its chemical weapons are set to continue into saturday both parties trying to hammer out a deal and avoid a u.s. military strike against syria that is what is at stake here and already there have been some reports of progress with the u.s. and russia reportedly agreed on the size of syria's chemical weapons stockpiles speaking earlier john kerry and sergey lavrov expressed cautious optimism that they would be able. solution to this crisis despite the diplomacy there are a number of sticking points that could put a spoke in the wheels of coming up with a workable deal here the first is the issue of timing in this latest t.v. interview syrian president bashar al assad said that damascus would begin to provide information about its chemical weapons stockpiles thirty days after signing up to the chemical weapons convention which is standard procedure and the u.n. has already confirmed that they have received serious documents for signing up to
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that treaty but john kerry has already rejected this window that bashar al assad's spoke of and last week he said that he wants assad to be able to give up his weapons within the space of a week which he knows is on viable which has raised some questions from observers as to how constructive the u.s. approach is especially when it comes to the difficult task of disposing of chemical weapons now the second sticking point is the use of force john kerry has said that the u.s. military remains poised to strike syria if they fail to reach a deal here which has been hanging over these talks and it's a condition that russia says is completely unacceptable that a deal can only be struck if the u.s. military strike is off the table but in his latest interview as well has said that the negotiations are only going to work if the u.s. stops threatening military intervention so number of very different positions that
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need to be reconciled if the top diplomats here will be able to come to any agreement over the course of the day john kerry's words that the u.s. remains poised to strike syria if an agreement isn't reached as a reminder of what the consequences could be if they fail to come up with a plan here. r.t. . to discuss the whole syrian crisis the current diplomatic efforts around it with . served as france's foreign interior and prime minister it's all by golly you leadership of oliver what he thinks the use of force would not and the years of bloodshed in syria. i think we should do our best to avoid the use of force we know that the force without the force without. diplomatic effort. is always useless that's why the priority to ease negotiation but of course we
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should go forward and we should have results today we have one resolve to see the signature. of the convention on the ban of chemical weapons that's a first step but that's not enough washington is convinced syria agreed to be designed only because of the real threat of being attacked and bashar al assad says that's not the case or do you think well i think you're firmness is part of the game is showing some results but i think the main factor is the willingness of russia to take responsibility and russia taking the lead. making some proposals this is really changing the. figure of the whole fijian army of the of the situation threat of military force is now a stumbling block in negotiations and diplomacy as sad ones the threats to and why washington wants to keep the possibility of strikes on the table off the way out of this we know that military strikes are not easy. because there is nobody already in
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the congress favoring the use of force second because we know that in the last thirteen years the use of force did not gave any result in the international scene we've seen it in afghanistan we've seen it in iraq we've seen it in libya so we know that the solution for syria is not force. and we know also that there is a way to escape from force from the use of. an attack and this way out is to have some results on the ground some diplomatic results in order to find better solutions for the syrian problem but any other interests be behind the u.s. and its allies in wanting to strike syria beyond just punishing assad for the chemical attack here allegedly connected. well first we know that punishing assad should not be by force for that we have. the league the national legality we have the international criminal court so the answer to punish
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is never to use force the answer to punish is to go through justice that's the real issue but the main problem today again is to try to protect the syrian people and for that the force is not going to give us any force will mean more people dying on the ground it means new escalation we should not forget that not only we have a civil war in syria but we have a big fight between sunnis and shias and so the problem is not at the level of the use of force and we have seen in iraq that force. only created more problems we have won the south than people dying every month in iraq so i don't think forces and then they answer is to use diplomacy to have steps going forward and that will eliminate the risk of force if we can have peace again. i mean looks like
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a the overwhelming majority of americans prefer a diplomatic solution to syria despite president obama's attempts to explain why he would like to launch a military strike against damascus in fact the latest reuters poll that ultimately shows that the people have been left are largely unmoved by the speech given by president barack obama of course it did call for greater u.s. intervention in syria let's give you some numbers here and let you know which way public opinion is swaying at the moment currently three quarters of americans support efforts to resolve the crisis in syria through an international agreement to control weapons and that reflects the antiwar feeling that shadowed over obama's request for congress to authorize an attack and that sentiment is crucial to preventing further escalation according to that of lawrence freeman a political journalist at the executive intelligence review president obama is in great trouble the american people are outraged about this war and they basically
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bombarded their congress men and women a hundred to one in telegrams and calls and e-mails against this war so he was forced to back off on a policy that they're very old a week ago he was committed to launch a bombing campaign and i think the russian leadership and the american people have boxed a minutes you can't tell what's going to happen because there's so many different factors but we're clearly in a much improved geometry the than we were a week ago. now when it comes to the exodus of refugees from syria europe's found it so for the split there are those who say the european union must help asylum seekers especially considering easy you aid to rebels is a major driver of the conflict others though think a bit differently they question why e.u. taxpayers must bear the burden of another arab conflict and the wary of the
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jihadists battle hand in syria bringing terror back to europe. all of our reports. here in europe we may be far away from the fighting in syria however the effects of violence are being seen in the form of tens of thousands of refugees flocking here to seek asylum just this last week the first of five thousand refugees arrived here in germany as part of a new resettlement program however there are those within europe that say that the e.u. governments must bear some responsibility for these people having to flee the problem is the e.u. governments continue to support the rebels including the german intelligence and covertly and other ways i think it's completely cynical of germany to pretend to be this humanitarian receptor of five thousand refugees at the same time they're poor in aid let's stop the the reason that people are leaving their homes they don't leave it willingly with over two million people already having being displaced
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syria's neighbors are overwhelmed by the deluge of their usefully for their lives that means that they seeking sanctuary having to look further afield towards countries in the balkans that can ill afford to have thousands of refugees turning up according to some politicians here nor can germany. our government opens up the door it's five thousand and fifty thousand and more and more are cities like little quiz and can't finance that we are broke it's not germany's responsibility to solve the problems of the arab world with our taxes and there's also concern that allowing these people access to europe could see the syria crisis being imported here. because to get by we are worried that those germans that went there to fight assad will come back here trained in terror and live here amongst us like taken time it's just a matter of time before a train station will be blown up we demand that our security services stop them returning as more people flee their homes the refugee crisis is one that said to
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continue for a long time. now israel still draws masses of tourists despite being slap bang in the middle of a region rocked by conflict women are being warned to get tough with the locals as they let their head down and head out for a night on the town coming up a little bit later this hour with the rest of the world's top headlines on a. good lumber tour. was able to build.
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anything mission to teach me why you should care about. this is why you should care only. mission. couldn't take three. years free. free. free. free. free. video for your media. free media. thank you for sharing some of your saturday morning with us here on r t quietly and behind the scenes europe's debt crisis has been coalescing into a new storm with more bailouts now all but of certainty greece is going to need
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billions more ireland says it needs a credit line and the portuguese government is panicking over missed deadlines well on top of all of that there certainly are some deep reservations over your proposed banking union which would hand brussels the power to shut down any bank on the continent you see capital for ports. these days may be calmer for europe be able to june period saw the eurozone come out of recession after the longest period of economic misery since records began back in one thousand nine hundred five but the crisis is far from over and the cost in millions of lost jobs and economic stress remains a major concern economic recovery is at best fragile now output from the euro zone's factories had fallen by a much more than expected in july unemployment remains a dramatic levels and some of the southern countries what's more a number of members and nations still are struggling to balance their finances raising fears that more bailouts will be needed in the future now while more loans
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have been ruled out for the moment bailouts were still very much at the top of the agenda at the recent meeting of euro zone ministers let's take a closer look at where the actual concerns lie today bailed out twice and still not in the clear greece is likely to need another ten billion euros just in order to bolster its finances but elections in germany mean that help isn't likely to come anytime soon voters in the blocks most powerful economy have grown tired of taxpayer funded rescues and problems in greece spell trouble for cyprus the two countries are intricately linked by history as well as common economic grounds cyprus was bailed out earlier this year for some ten billion euros but new data shows that its economy is shrinking to the world level since the one nine hundred seventy s. raising the possibility that if greece does ask for more cash cyprus may not be far behind and asking for help now ireland may be exiting the bailout program at the
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end of the year but the country is also in line for euro zone aid now its finance minister had suggested a credit line of ten billion euros this is to serve as what he calls a backstop to give confidence to investors moving on to portugal that country faces a bumpy ride the country was set to end its bailout program in the middle of next year but that was before parts of the rescue were actually ruled illegal now officials in lisbon must scramble to find other ways of balancing the books. and now new worries with slovenia falling from economic grace billions of euros in bad loans make the country a candidate for euro zone bailout number five now that country has been in recession since last year and it's been scrambling to fix its banking center for now euro zone finance ministers insist that slovenia won't need a bailout but the country has a long haul ahead before it's in the clear so when it comes to improvements in the eurozone economy better hold off on the champagne at least for now this account for no far t.
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moscow one of the little good news of the euro zone's latest unemployment stats block wide joblessness has grown every month for the past two and a half years ever since greece was given its first bailout but now with government about to stand the test it could be crunch time for the single currency as aussies laura smith reports. it could be make or break for the eurozone as the german election approaches europe's a region still stuck in recession with outbreaks of social unrest and some believe the outcome of the election could be a catalyst for change i think speaking to vats of klaus the former president of the czech republic as the capital markets conference here in london he compares the european project to communism and says the time is now for the people of individual european countries to stand up and say the emperor has no clothes. everyone.
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sees that it's impossible to continue. radical change. is. about a fundamental transition fundamental transformation something we in parts of europe in east central and eastern europe experienced two decades ago. and to do the same and how likely is it do you think that it's will stand the. question is. started to really. come from brussels klaus envisages europe as a conglomerate for an independent nation and he found common ground with ukip snide . we have got two hundred fifty one days until the european election that takes place across the whole of europe that is the opportunity politically to
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cause an earthquake lobbying is important intelligence briefings are important argumentation is important to me and i think that changes politics is the way people vote but i think these european elections are a major opportunity right across the continent of europe to spark something that leads to referendums that leads to real change. and just found recognition for the most unlikely source is a man well barroso the european commission president says u.k. it could become the primary force in british politics implying david cameron's jumped on the bandwagon if you can't see your skepticism just to win votes based klaus agree the time is right for a fundamental decision should the eurozone limp along propped up by folding or should that be a return to an economic rationale and do you are based on intergovernmental cooperation rather than integration while
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a bit later today here in our skies are reporting to try to explain the whole global financial rollercoaster through one orthodox subject you know bullish and now what's coming up at seven thirty am g m's. ices are really discovered on the margins so here you have the mainstream economic model suggesting that all is good to some degree if you will but on the margins you see a collapse in a niche market but that becomes the definition of what's happening in the market overall and so now you understand that by looking at the porn industry you can extrapolate and understand that the core working environment and us is collapsing as well that's why the japanese are developing porn bots so porn box japanese porn bots and some of them are mighty attractive i might add are engaged in japanese porn sex and this is becoming a major industry in japan and i would imagine a major industry of their export business which hopefully will take the place of
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all that energy they're losing now that tepco is nucular reacting into the pacific ocean and has diminished in value to that country's economy. all right thanks for joining us here and i see today security forces in bahrain have once again tried to clip the wings of antigovernment protesters as police fired. tear gas against the activists who spilled onto the streets cool for reforms was also echoed by marches outside of london. who demanded that the west western. governments of the stop doing this human rights activist saw a document otherwise he says neither weapons no legal threats will stop the movement for change. we have witnessed a severe crackdown on the peaceful protests since february two thousand and eleven surprisingly those protests have continued to process and in fact nothing has
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a sub then we have seen over the army entering the terrain and participating on the crackdown the days of the protests of the from carry on no they did not the answer is always the more restrain the behind the government the more her band they basically issue the more people are more determined to continue i mean we have seen a last month to the people from persisting anywhere in manama and yet there is ongoing a protest and many people are determined to continue so basically the more repression they face the more they are clearer about achieving the demands of freedom and democracy. the world update now with mexico city as police have stormed the streets there in the central square clashing with teachers outraged the new education reforms protesters had camped out there for
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more than two weeks authorities used tear gas to disperse them saying they wanted to clear the square for independence day celebrations at the education reforms will see new tests on teachers to judge their level of performance. the vice president of the philippines has announced a cease fire with a muslim rebel group that's been fighting the army for five days groups of one hundred people hostage in the southwestern zambo wanga city more than twenty people including fifteen rebels have been killed in the clashes a fifteen thousand residents have been forced to flee. in the fifth consecutive night of protests in turkey has once again seen violence between demonstrators on the police activists of the modern security forces be punished reportedly killing an opposition member who they claim was a lethally hit by tear gas canister at one of the rallies his death sparked a nationwide outrage clashes with police every night since the incident.
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now tourists all still flocking to israel for its sun and its beaches despite the threat of war spilling over from neighboring syria and more than two million travelers have gone there for holidays this year alone as ati's policy reports there are dangers lurking in the party zones of the capital and it pays to be prepared. the middle east is known for many things it's had more than its fair share of war and terror it has blistering sun and cool does it nights it is home to the mosquito the jellyfish and the scurrying cockroach but the diddly a species of war may just be the middle eastern male could it be the chemical makeup of the hamas the humble trippy one thing certain fallen women are in for a shock they go after what they want and they're not afraid to just come up to you and talk to you in tell you what they think about you probably because they have confidence they take care of themselves too operators know only too well the
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dangers of vast cultural differences packaged into the orientation speeches are clear warnings of how to deal with the macho israeli male the advice reads like a grocery list don't be surprised if they take your number but have a regular girlfriend day by choosing to do you suppose one day and it means nothing in the program initiation along with advice on sunscreen sites of interest and weekend hikes rachel remembers this warning about may be kind of have to be prepared that they're expecting something that you may not be like willing to reciprocate so they told us to be very straight forward from the beginning if you're not interested say now and be really forceful about it that sort of thing it's not i don't live vice these lessons are put to the test and fast take it's a must for example the twenty seven year old undercover agent is paid to work his magic not in some hostile in the state but on television dons forwards through border notices are been stupid. usually
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a really easy conversation. just left with her there's half a dozen amateur guides posted online on how to date and is rated men the best advice to give up on the fairy tale prince on a white horse the mentality that's so different is so growing in. it's even. i mean it's outgoing to the point where people assert themselves too much but even the orientation speech and words of warning don't always soften the experience this guy just started talking to us and he started telling me how beautiful i was and all this stuff which i mean a spine but than all the sudden he's like i can't see you and i was like yeah thanks that or at least be more forgiving don't think that it's necessarily there far think being forced to be in the army at the age of eighteen makes
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a very different lifestyle for them as opposed to marriage in eighteen year olds honestly it's just kind of about treating them like anyone else and i mean i guess they can be aggressive but if you just stop yourself that's been part of the fun of traveling is finding it out or for oneself which is why i'm at the flexing biceps on telegrams beaches and the mere naked suntan bodies a few cheap pick up lines and an aggressive attitude can seem a small price to pay for a golden summer holiday part of the r.t.e. television or the coming up here on saturday morning one major company turned a free resource into a multi billion dollar industry live from moscow. david
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silver president of american atheists initially had his request for a custom license plate with the word atheist on it rejected atheist written with a one as the i was deemed to be just too offensive after some pressure the new jersey motor vehicles commission caved and allowed the plate this is only logical because it properly spoke it is point had already been in use. i look at this two ways one if you're going to give people the freedom of choice of expression then some people are going to express themselves in an offensive way so if you're terrified of offending people then why not just give everyone a random plate with a random number and no one will be offended at all or two if you really believe in freedom of speech and expression all that then allow drivers to pick whatever they want and be responsible for themselves if someone throws a brick through their car window for having an ultra offensive license plate and if you want to express yourself or express something really offensive on your car then you better be prepared for some blowback or at least a few people spitting on your windshield but that's just my opinion.
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six point two billion speech springs to fifteen million speech franks every excuse in percent.


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